How You Can Help


Will provide a child the opportunity to continue his/her High School education.


Will enable one student avail college education in an institution of their choice for a semester.


Will support one student to complete one year of his/her pre-university education.


Will enable a student to pursue under-graduation for a year.

How to Donate

Dream School Foundation USA currently accepts donations only through checks. To Donate any of the above amounts or any other amount, please send checks to Dream School Foundation USA, 2653 Teal Ln Union City CA 94587

All donations are tax-deductible. Our tax id is : 84-2235416

In the coming months we will be integrating one of the commonly used platforms such as Stripe or PayPal for online donations.

You may Donate as a one-time check or you could choose to donate every month.

We assure maximum benefit of your contributions reaches the children and education initiatives since we operate on a minimal overhead model. We also accept donations in kind, education and infrastructure resources for our centres and schools.